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Gibran on immigrants and more

Two western governments (England and Israel) has leadership supporting the Trump administration in a partisan way. This is now a "special relationship" not between countries but between the moneyed interests of ultra-right fascist ideologues. The real question is what will the US "Democratic" Party in the US do. Its old strategy of providing a milder version of moneyed interests has failed. You cannot be a "nice corporatist" especially when corporations and moneyed interests got so much more powerful under your administration (8 years of the Obama
rule). They got powerful and they do not need you any more. Rule by proxy for billionaires is not necessary when you can rule directly.
The lesson will be that the majority of the people (the 99%) do not
have the luxury of playing with the rules of the corporations (dog eatdog world). Their best bet is to challenge the racism, the
divisiveness, the moneyed interests. If this lesson is not yet learned
from the loss of power by the democratic party and its dwindling
support, it should have been learned from the rise of Nazism and
Fascism in Italy and Germany in the 1930s, from the rise of Likud andthe "Jewish home" parties at the expense of labor Zionism in "Israel",from the rise of Sisi in Egypt after the Muslim Brotherhood made the mistake of maintaining close ties with the US, the rise of right wing populism in several European countries after their center left parties failed to challenge moneyed interests etc. History offer many lessons and few seem to want to learn them. Meanwhile, the first US military operation in Yemen killed a few ISIL members as well as 15 women and children (one eight year old girl) and one US Navy SEAL William Owens.
The pace of killing under Trump looks on pace to be similar to that
under Obama. The only difference will be in the racist and
Islamophobic rhetoric which is surely to alienate hundreds of millions of Muslims and thus strengthen terrorism. The self-fulfilling Huntington’s “clash of civilization” is forced down our throats. This has always been the Zionist plan and it is the only way the failing Zionist idea can have a few more years (but then end badly).

Israeli forces raid and ransack Palestinian publishing house: In six
months, Israeli forces have raided seven Palestinian-owned publishing houses

How Do Israel’s Tech Firms Do Business in Saudi Arabia? Very Quietly:
Good deals (and plausible deniability) make good neighbors

Palestinians sue Trump adviser, Netanyahu for terrorism

Amona's evacuation is no victory
[This article is too kind to the Israeli fascist state. A show of
evalcuation of a handful of setters was a nice PR stunt done on the
same week as Israeli authorities approved thousands of building units for illegal Israeli settlers in addition to giving those thieves
evacuated from “Amona” stole land in return for their nice drama
theater. And Trump gave that green light to build. In a way I think
this is better as this may force those kicking the dead horse of e two
state solution (actually long turned into bones).]

Eye on Trump’s America: Police Raid Standing Rock Camp, Dismantle Tipis and Are Burning What Remains
[Trump was a nastly bullying businessman who cared only about money and his actions caused economic and psychological damage to people. But now that he is president, his actions cause home demolitions, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. Even if we can reduce them to the US drone strike on Yemen that killed an 8 year old girl, that is enough to make him a murderer]

Lebanese-American poet Kahlil Gibran wrote the following poem to his Arab American compatriots, the majority of whom came at time from the land known as "Greater Syria" which involved the present Syria, Lebanon, and a part of Palestine.

I believe in you, and I believe in your destiny.
I believe that you are contributors to this new civilization.
I believe that you have inherited from your forefathers an ancient
dream, a song, a prophecy, which you can proudly lay as a gift of
gratitude upon the lap of America.
I believe that you can say to the founders of this great nation, "Here
I am, a youth... a young tree whose roots were plucked from the hills of Syria, but now, I am deeply rooted here, and I would be fruitful." And I believe that you can say to Abraham Lincoln, the blessed, "Jesus of Nazareth touched your lips when you spoke, and guided your hand when you wrote; and I shall uphold all that you have said and all that you have written."
I believe that even as your fathers came to this land to produce
riches, you were born to produce riches by intelligence and labor.
I believe that it is in you to be good American citizens.
And what is it to be a good citizen?
It is to acknowledge the other person's rights before asserting your
own, but always to be conscious of your own.
It is to be free in word and deed, but it is also to know that your
freedom is subject to the other person's freedom.
It is to produce by labor and only by labor, and to spend less than
you have produced that your children may not be dependent upon the state for support when you are no more.
It is to stand before the towers of New York and Washington, Chicago and San Francisco saying in your hearts, "I am the descendent of a people builded Damascus and Byblos, and Tyre and Sidon and Antioch, and I am here to build with you, and with a will." It is to be proud of being an American, but it is also to be proud that your fathers and mothers came from a land upon which God laid His gracious hand and raised His messengers.
Young Americans of Syrian origin, I believe in you.
Kahlil Gibran
New York
July 1926
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