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Thursday, January 26

Dr. Hussam Azzam A Canadian Chief Medical Officer fired by the hospital for criticism of Israel
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St. Boniface chief medical officer 'shocked and stressed' after losing job

Dr. Hussam M. Azzam says he is "shocked and stressed," after he says he was fired as chief medical officer for St. Boniface Hospital for criticizing the Israeli government.
A spokesperson from the hospital confirmed Azzam had left the hospital but said it was their policy not to speak about personnel matters.
Azzam assumed the role as chief medical officer and executive director of clinical programs for the hospital in November 2016. Azzam's name has been removed from the hospital's staff directory page.
In recent posts on social media, Azzam said he was let go for "criticising the Israeli government actions vis-à-vis Palestine and its people."
Several 2014 tweets from Azzam's Twitter account support boycotts of Israel and suggest the Israeli government engages in terrorism.
Bernie Bellan, editor and publisher of the Jewish Post and News, said he received a short message from Azzam on LinkedIn and said the doctor told him he is not an anti-Semite. 
"He sent me a very nice message," said Bellan. "It was short and polite and it told me nothing because he said he can't talk."
Azzam is under instruction from his lawyer not to speak to media, said Bellan.
Azzam is listed as an assistant professor of obstetrics and gynaecology in the University of Manitoba's Rady Faculty of Health Science, and a clinical instructor at Thompson General Hospital on the university's website.
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  1. traducteur4:14 pm

    I trust he's going to sue the hospital, collect massive damages, and be reinstated. We mustn't let ourselves be intimidated.