Tuesday, January 10

Call for a public inquiry into the actions of the Israeli Embassy

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Earlier this week an Israeli Embassy official was caught on camera plotting to “take down” MPs who spoke out in support of Palestine, including foreign office minister Sir Alan Duncan.

This is clearly a dangerous violation of diplomatic protocol and raises significant concerns about improper interference in UK democracy. And yet, the UK government appears to have brushed the incident off.

We need your help to put pressure on the Government to take actionSign our petition calling for a public inquiry.

Take action now.

The revelation that an Israeli Embassy official has plotted to “take down” a Government Minister and other UK MPs who have been critical of Israel is highly disturbing. It adds to existing concerns that those who raise legitimate criticisms of Israeli policies towards Palestinians will be subjected to attempts to smear their credibility. Politicians should be able to speak freely about Palestine and to criticise Israeli policies – this footage shows a deliberate attempt to stifle debate and silence criticism.

The Labour Party and the SNP, along side a number of Conservative MPs have called for a public inquiry to be launched. But the Government does not want to take the matter any further – they appear to be satisfied by an apology from the Israeli Ambassador.

Our politicians should be free to speak out in support of Palestinian rights and against Israeli policies. They should not be targeted by Israeli Embassy officials for doing so. An apology is not enough.

Take action now. Support our call for a public inquiry.
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Read the original Al Jazeera story here:

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