Monday, September 12

Israeli Black Operations in the USA – Operation Honeypot

They usually target anyone who they deem to be antithetical or non-supportive of Israeli domestic and foreign policy.

It is well known that the Israeli Mossad using their Sayanim network in the United States routinely engage in Black Operations (“Black Ops”) against US Citizens here in the United States.
They usually target anyone who they deem to be antithetical or non-supportive of Israeli domestic and foreign policy.
They routinely target senators, congressmen, politicians, celebrities, CEOs, academics, intellectuals, journalists, diplomats, or anyone of relative importance in American society.
Their favorite mode of operation against male targets is to hire prostitutes to engage in “honey-pot” operations wherein that hooker links up with the target romantically/ sexually, and then uses the VAWA Laws enacted by Joe Biden and Bill Clinton to ensnare that target in a false domestic violence case, sexual assault case, extortion or blackmail case, or even worse, a false rape allegation or even murder.
Once the male has been ensnared and entrapped, the Israeli/Zionist-controlled media begins to blast, 24/7, 365 days a year, the defamatory, slanderous, and libelous allegations against their target, effectively convicting and destroying their target in the online and written press.
These women, considered protected and supported by society at large, are then encouraged to destroy the target by various Feminist groups, also on the payroll and integrally intertwined with Israeli Intelligence, and together they prosecute and torture that target using Sayanim-friendly detectives, judges, child protective workers, and prosecutors.
“Are you sure the Mossad didn’t contact you, Madame Lewenski?”

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”) rarely if ever gets involved because they are thoroughly infiltrated by Israeli Intelligence from the top on down, and 99% of the time, they actively support these clandestine Israeli operations on US Soil because of the tight grip Israeli lobbying has on the jugular of the American Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branches of the US Government, as well as both organizations were created and funded by the Freemasons.
There is virtually no escape from this type of black op once a target has been selected.

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