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The Latest On Palestine

I am on my way to the USA for 5 days to give talks in DC and Boston and I can't wait to go back to my beloved but suffering Palestine. Just before we left I paid respect to family of Muataz Zawahreh (a cousin of one of my master students at Bethlehem University). I dread further losses in the coming days.

"Palestine is not a local issue, it is a global issue with global ramifications"
ProMosaik e.V. interviews Mazin Qumsiyeh

Since October 1, 2015 when Israeli racists started storming Al-Aqsa mosque compound, 32 Palestinian youth including 8 children were killed and 1300 Palestinians (one third of them children were injured). Seven Israelis were killed and dozens reported injured (none children). In compliance with Zionist masters and due to few Arabs bothering to act, most Western media ignore reality and speak the classic Zionist mythology that labels all resistance y terrorism and that only hopes for calm (but not freedom). It also ignores the systematic state terrorism inflicted every day for seven decades by a rogue colonial apartheid state on the “unwanted” natives.We Palestinians have always called for justice and coexistence with full human rights.   Now John Kerry representing Israel wants to come to calm things down. But the USA government is the reason for this mayhem as you fund and directly support the colonizers. People resist colonization. Only when you stop funding and arming and shielding Israel from International law, only then people can listen to you. The reason billions are sent to Israel is because of a Zionist lobby that intimidates and in many cases buys support from a compliant politicians thus putting Zionist interests ahead of US public interest.  

Brief of Israel’s most recent violations of human rights and international law in the occupied territories

Palestinian youth was unarmed when killed by Israel, new video confirms

A Reuters correspondent observed Israeli undercover agents disguised as Palestinian youths inciting violence. He’s backed up by video evidence. One video shows an Israeli undercover agent apparently firing a pistol into the leg of a Palestinian at point blank range.

Video of 18-year-old Palestinian chased by Jewish mob and killed by police shocks global audience

Sam Bahhour: Palestinians must not fall into this trap again

Call out: International BDS wave of solidarity with Palestinian Popular Resistance #SolidarityWaveBDS

Mazin Qumsiyeh
Professor and Director
Palestine Museum of Natural History
Bethlehem University

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