Sunday, September 6

Israel Is Bombing Gaza Again and Anonymous Just Hacked The Government In Response

The State of Israel has once again launched a missile attack on the Gaza Strip, according to Israeli news sources.
The Times of Israel reports that Israeli warplanes just hit buildings in Gaza early Thursday morning. This is the second of such missile strikes on Gaza in the past week alone.
The State of Israel tried to justify the missile campaign, but suggestion that “several houses” in the Israeli town of Netiv Haasara, were hit with “sniper fire.” That remains to be seen and has certainly not been confirmed.
But after last year’s attack against Gaza, which saw the deaths of 2,140 Palestinians, including 557 children, Anonymous Red Cult has lashed out at the Israeli government, taking down a large number of Israeli government websites in retaliation.
The Paste Bin info sent to us by Red Cult is as follows:
When Israel choose to attack Gaza haphazardly, we, the Anonymous, choose to attack deliberately!
Early today, two missiles were reportedly fired in an attack on Gaza by Israeli warplanes according to The Times of Israel. This attack is the second of its kind against Gaza over the past week, and in order not to forget that last summer, the Israeli regime launched a brutal attack against Gaza, killing 2,140 Palestinians, including 557 children, we remind them of our Cyber attack the time we choose to do so…
And Remember, We are Anonymous, We are Legion, We do not forgive, We do not forget, Expect us.
The list of sites currently down from the Anonymous attack is as follows: descr: IDF – Israel Defense Forces descr: Ministry of Defence descr: Office of The Prime Minister descr: State of Israel-Ministry of Finance descr: Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs descr: Israeli Immigration descr: Domain Internet Ltd descr: Shifra Har descr: Israel Earthquake Center descr: Ministry of Finance descr: Merkava – Ministry Of Finance descr: Integrated Foreign Trade System descr: Israel Institute for Biological Research descr: Israel Institute of Productivity descr: Office of The Prime Minister descr: State of Israel-Mail descr: Economic Mission U.S. descr: The Israeli Antitrust Authority descr: Galil Development Authority descr: Israeli embassy in the United States descr: Public Works Department descr: Israel Economic and Tourism descr: Yemen – lost children descr: Local Authorities Data Processing Center Ltd. descr: Israeli Tech Tehila descr: Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Hebrew descr: Foreign Affairs Ministry descr: Office of The Prime Minister descr: rights and services for Holocaust survivors descr: Israeli ministry of justice descr: Israel Information Technology descr: Shalom civil service reform-Minister Michael Eitan descr: Ministry of Industry and Trade descr: Israel Defense Forces descr: National Insurance of Israel descr: Israel Ministry of Interior descr: The Israeli Antitrust Authority descr: Israel Ministry Of Finance rights and services for Holocaust survivors descr: Shaam – Information Systems Poaly Zedek 4 descr: Israeli Rabbinical Courts descr: Israel Police Department descr: Agricultural Research Organisation Volcani Center descr: Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs descr: Kranoth Hishtalmut LeOvdei Horaha descr: Shaam – Information Systems descr: Ministry of Communications descr: IsraelGovernment Printing Office descr: Israel Airport Authority descr: Israeli Immigration descr: Israel Securities Authority descr: Nativ Project – PMO

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