Sunday, August 2

Window into Palestine & thanks to you

Here at Window into Palestine, we focus on delivery of Truth of what's happening in Palestine to as many in the world as we can, Our volunteers are devoting a great deal of time and energy into covering and analyzing the news as it happens and putting it out there, not only on this blog but throughout social media . We are exceedingly grateful for their efforts and excited to convey their  postings through our blog as well throughout social media & other platforms, to ensure it reaches as many readers as possible.
We know that many of you have been forwarding our articles, posting them to blogs,
linking up through Facebook and Twitter,
using various means at your disposal to share this timely and critical information,
and we sincerely thank you for that and encourage you to increase your efforts.
It is crucial that we stay “in the know”, now more than ever.
At the same time, we remind our readers that in order to maintain our blog and projects at Window into Palestine such as publishing a book, video projects and more, we rely 100% on the financial support of our readers. All that we do is entirely thanks to you.
Our mandate is to deliver articles and videos as broadly as possible, which is why you will never have to pay to access the information.
To do this, however, we rely entirely on your donations,
We thank our past financial supporters, every amount, great or small, contributes directly to our operations and ensures that we can be on top of important issues as they unfold.
We thank you for your readership and encourage you to click the donation button for us to continue to be the reliable source of consolidated news in regards to Palestine, Israel and the globe as it relates to Palestine, that you have come to rely on.

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