Friday, August 28

We are at a critical moment for Palestine Your Support is needed now more then ever!

We really need your support!

Window into Palestine is a consolidated source for all the news and opinions regarding Palestine & Israel.

It has been a very hard month of trying to get our projects off the ground with videos, still working on publishing a book in regards to this site (with a new domain name coming soon) and more.

We need your thoughts and views about Window into Palestine as well any ideas to help make this better. We have serious debt that we have assumed with our operations here trying to launch projects as well as trying to update and clean up this blog, as well get a new design - we thank those that have have made financial contributions in August and we hope we can can secure enough funds to pay down our debt.

Thanks to everyone for sharing the postings and for your feedback we look forward to more.

Please help with any contribution big or small! 


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