Thursday, August 6

The Zionists are using a new kind of bullet

This internationally prohibited weapon -the butterfly bullet- is used by the occupation Israeli army against Palestinian children and civilians.
It is supposed to be used only in closed quarter training conventionally known as CQT.
[what? "supposed to be used only"?  who the ef but these crazy psychopathic LUNATICS would even conceive of something like this? .
wake the ef up, america ... please ... gawd damnit" ... sometime sooooon, maybe?  geezus...

Latest victim is Layth Al-Khaledi, 17, from ‪#‎Jalazoun‬ refugee camp in the occupied ‪#‎West_Bank‬.

PHOTOS: Layth Al-Khaledi, then and now; drawing - children before Israeli settlers burned them alive; cartoon tells it like it is


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