Thursday, August 20

Israeli Settlers Stone Hebron Girl, Severely Beat Boy

Israeli settlers, Tuesday morning, have brutally assaulted a girl and a youth in the old city of Hebron, causing them both wounds.

IMEMC News & Agencies

The settlers stoned little girl named Farah Abu-Sneineh, near the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron, causing her bruises and injuries.

The girl was treated on the spot by paramedics.

Security sources also said that settlers attacked Jacob Al-Koumi (37) in Al Majnona area, south of Hebron.

The settlers beat him severely causing him wounds, and he was rushed to the Hebron Governmental Hospital for treatment.

Last week, Israeli forces carried a wide kidnap campaign of youth and small children, in addition to handing out demolition orders.

Soldiers kidnapped a number of youth from the Hebron district, including towns of Halhul, Bani-Nu’aim and Si’ir.Among the arrested were three children from Si’ir village, aged 14.

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