Saturday, August 1

America Was Warned About Sending Cops To Israel To Get Training!

​and on and on and on we go...
great training we send knuckleheads to Israhell to get.
Q: why don't officers pay the damages awarded for their mayhem?  YOU pay - great incentive for stopping their atrocities - NOT

"3 years ago, Americans were warned when their policemen began training in Israel or under ISrael's supervision.  What Israel is doing to them in Palestine, they will do to you. Majority of Americans laughed, now Israel laughs at you!

Video: he had a stroke so the cops pepper-sprayed him and tased him mercilessly

video:  plain-clothes officer threatens to kill driver - Medford MA

A dashcam recorded a plainclothes detective threatening to kill a driver during a traffic stop.The officer was placed on administrative leave Monday & has not commented.
Posted by Morning Express with Robin Meade on Tuesday, July 28, 2015

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