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By Nahida the exiled Palestinian
I often pondered as to why the name Holy
 Land was given to Palestine?
What is it about this land that justifies or
 legitimizes such a description when 
in fact that land, through myriad of foreign 
invasions has witnessed some 
of the cruelest, most barbaric, most unholy,
 most immoral human behaviour?
My latest visit to my Home-Land Palestine
 was a heartrending experience 
with shocking reality; a roller-coaster, 
a volcano of paradoxical emotions,
 an extraordinary visual and sensual intensive course, with daily, 
if not hourly, spiritual lessons.
While the visit itself did not last more than ten days, I however travelled 
through time, standing on the terrace of my grandparents, I saw what was, 
what is and what could be.
As I stood on that old terrace of my grandfather’s house in Beit Iksa,
 facing the remains of the village of Lifta on one side and the construction
 of the Jewish colony Givat Shaul with its hideous buildings and 
weery cemetery on the other, what I saw was indescribable: a vivid screen
 shot of two extremes of human existence and endeavour, a visual 
manifestation of a bizarre reality of two paradoxical worlds narrating
 the tragedy of what had happened and is still happening to Palestine
 and the world:
In the horizon, there before my eyes, written the truth in plain 
indisputable language.
With poignant Lifta on my left I saw the past: organic, natural, native, 
rooted, sustainable, gentle, green, alive, flowing, timeless, tender, 
harmonious, modest, and exquisitely beautiful.

With Givat Shaul on my right I saw the present, violently constructed 
on the ruins of massacred Deir Yassin by the Jewish-Zionist occupiers;
 artificial, implanted, pompous, forced, disconnected, rootless, harsh, 
malignant, cancerous, dead, offensive, aggressive, predatory, foreign, 
ruthless, and hideous beyond words.

On the terrace of my grandfather’s I saw a Civilization that lived by
 fostering life VS a Devilization that can only exist by destroying life.
On the terrace of my grandfather I saw a culture of Life being
 momentarily oppressed by a culture of Death.
On the terrace of my grandfather I understood that for us
 Palestinians if we are to make it into the future, all we need to
 do is to vehemently reject the poisonous glitter of the occupiers
 with all its multifaceted deception: where slavery is sugar-coated 
with slogans as “modern banking systems”, “global trade”, 
“free loans”, “buy now pay later” and “economical growth”.
On the terrace of my grandfather I understood that whatever we 
do we must vehemently oppose any attempt that aims to lure us to
 “learn” from or mimic the occupier in any shape or form:
Not in the way they run their society, where the selfish concept of
 “I” and “my interest” are promoted and admired while the foundation
 of civil human interaction and the altruistic concepts of “we” and the
 “communal interest” are frowned upon, despised and discouraged 
as irrelevant backwardness;
Not in the way they conduct business by the use of usury enriching
 the rich few and impoverishing the masses of poor;
Not in the way they use aggressive agriculture, under the veil of 
“increasing productivity” they kill the land with chemicals and 
over-irrigation and destroy the future with GMO sterile seedless 
uncontrollable crops, they farm animals in most cruel conditions. 
Under the veil of modernity they inject seeds of death and 
un-sustainability, bleeding the land dry of its richness and 
natural resources;
Not in the way they model their pyramidic hierarchical systems
 of which millions who languish at the bottom are crushed by a
 handful who climb to the top.
Not in the way they build colonies brutally carving out the heart 
of our beautiful landscape, savagely slicing through our precious
 hills and butchering our millennia-old meadows and mountains 
only to replace it with prison boxes and creepy tombstones.

Copy of Picture 120aa
Copy of Picture 592
Picture 883aa
On the terrace of my grandfather I saw that a culture of death by its
 very nature is not sustainable, and cannot possibly survive
 let alone give birth to life.
Copy of Picture 118aa
On the terrace of my grandfather I saw the manifestation of an 
exemplary, sustainable, organic, cohesive, open and hospitable 
civilization, a World Heritage that learned how to peacefully and
 lovingly coexist and thrive with its neighbours, surroundings 
and environment.
Picture 194aa
On the terrace of my grandfather, I understood why and how 
a land can become Holy and where did the sanctity of this 
cherished Land emerged.
On the terrace of my grandfather I saw the hands of thousands 
upon thousands of men women and children tenderly attending
 the land, lovingly removing the stones from its farms 
and pathways, where in return I saw the stones write poetry 
of love and thankfulness with its poppies, daisies and bluebells.
Picture 182aaa
On the terrace of my grandfather, I saw the attentive hearts of
 my people singing melodies of affection and adoration as they 
tenderly depicted their poetic verses in sublime harmony with
 their environment. Their little hand-picked stones thoughtfully 
arranged, perfectly in tune with the landscape around. 
Sensitively, compassionately and to the best of human 
endeavour, mimicking in fine details the Divine-artwork, 
without causing injury or harm to whatever lays in the way. 
Out of stones, rocks, flowers and trees they have created 
a timeless panorama of breathtaking beauty.
Picture 652aaAncient stonewall terraced landscape.
On the terrace of my grandfather, I saw the hands of generations 
of my ancestors patiently caressing its sleepy hills and 
artistically painting the landscape with the brush of pure 
love, swathing it with Holiness and Sacredness, preserving
 its Divine-given authenticity and protecting life that dwells on it.
Picture 354aaas
On the terrace of my grandfather I saw breathing homes with 
flowery grassy roofs, I saw homes with eyes, homes with hearts,
 homes that smile and weep, homes that rejoice meeting her
 loved ones and mourns those whom she lost.
Picture 716aa
On the terrace of my grandfather I saw homes that welcome
 its dwellers with hugs and kisses and puts its children to sleep
 by tales of love, magical bedtime stories and 
singing prophetic lullabies.
Picture 043aa
On the terrace of my grandfather, I finally understood the
 meaning of the name Holy Land, Blessed Land, Sacred Land
 and why that name was bestowed on our Palestine.

Al Aqsa Mosque
On the terrace of my grandfather, I saw Love of Life,
 Love of Land and Love of Humanity beautifully and supremely
 intertwined with spirituality, religiously protecting all what is 
around, thus creating a Holy Land, with excruciating beauty and 
dazzling glory, a Sacred Landscape, a Majestic Prayer and a 
Soul-Capturing Sanctuary with infinite charm and mesmerizing grace.
Picture 470aaa
On the terrace of my grandfather, I saw how is it possible 
for humanity to be saved, to survive and thrive by saving and 
following the example of Palestine.
Copy of Picture 375aa
On the terrace of my grandfather I understood that the day
 of their demise is a stone throw away and the day of our
 Liberation is not far anymore.
Picture 034aa
On the terrace of my grandfather I realised that stopping
 and reversing the destruction of this land, and its inevitable 
Full Liberation, is not only necessary and urgent from the 
standpoint of Justice. Palestine is far more.
Palestine and its ominously peaceful and sustainable model 
is NOT a mere nostalgic ideal, but the most perfect source of
 inspiration and blueprint to design a futuristic, yet solidly 
rooted and time tested society, in which human interaction, 
environmental intervention, timeless architecture, agriculture,
 ethical commercial exchange and spiritual quest are the peak
 of human achievement. They are not incompatible with
 contemporary technology and population growth, they are 
the safeguards and KEY to a sustainable, peaceful 
and brighter future.
Whether some like it or not, in order to rescue this Sacred
 World Heritage, it will need a difficult surgery: the removal
 of the invading death culture that has shown its colossal 
failure to integrate the Land and its People.

Beauty and Humanity shall prevail.

I warmly invite the world along with my fellow Palestinians
 to rediscover and embrace our Palestinian culture of Life 
following the flowering footsteps of the Prophets of this
 Holy Land, Palestine.
Picture 184aa
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