Sunday, July 12

Ramadan, Gaza and more

Yesterday we had our first collective Iftar (breaking the fast) dinner at the Palestine Museum of Natural History. We were Christian and Muslim and others and we felt as one family of 25 volunteer brothers and sisters. I reflected on one year of success and I am truly grateful to all these wonderful people. You can join us and be part of this family ( or facebook at Palestine Museum of Natural History). The place was a bit messy as we are tearing out the 45-year-old pavement and redoing the driveway, the parking lot and the yard. Just before the Iftar, I briefed the key people on my amazing trip to Europe and return trip through Jordan (both amazingly successful). For some talks I’ve given in Europe and before see After my trip to Europe I really felt at home. We can only dream of what our special oasis will look like by next Ramadan! We could use volunteer effort (email

One year ago Israel unleashed an attack on Gaza civilians that lasted 50 days and killed 2200 Palestinians the vast majority of them civilians including 518 children. As Western governments looked on, people with a conscience were outraged and people demonstrated. As usual there were promises to rebuild Gaza civilian infrastructure but little was done due to incompetence of world leaders and Israeli regime belligerence. Thousands of homes destroyed are yet to be rebuilt.
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Amnesty releases interactive map on Israel’s crimes in bombing civilian areas in Gaza

Palestinian Universities under occupation: BRICUP on academic freedom

Israeli “high court” reverses decision and approves apartheid wall in Beit Jala area of Cremisan cutting of 58 christian families from their agricultural lands [Suggested action: email and call churches and the Vatican and politicians and media],-the-Cremisan-Valley-wall-is-a-new-obstacle-on-the-path-of-peace-34720.html

Israeli takeover of Freedom Flotilla's ‘Marianne’ taped (VIDEOS)

New Book by Eva Spangler (Boston College): Understanding Israel/Palestine: Race, Nation, and Human Rights in the Conflict

Film presents one-state solution as moral, practical outcome for Palestine

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