Thursday, July 2

Help Us Make The Video Pitch For Palestine

We are pleased to announce  that we are currently in the process of forming a partnership that will enable us to create and put in distribution videos to create awareness of the plight of the Palestinians.

We will keep you posted on Video Pitch Palestine as we will need your support in spreading the word as well make a small contribution so we can create these videos as well put them in distribution.

It is the beginning of the month once again, last month we were fortunate enough to receive  a total of 3 donations that allowed us to put some money aside as we  continue to save so we can purchase a new computer with programs, as well we managed to give some contributions to our volunteers for their spare time in efforts with assisting with providing you the daily news and views.

We thank those that have given last month as well all past supporters.  You make the difference and we thank you all. We know times are hard so please help spread the word about A Video Pitch For Palestine and share the postings we post on Window into Palestine throughout social media and please whatever you can spare will be put to good use. Please give what you can!

      Video Pitch Palestine

Window into Palestine

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