Sunday, June 14

Help Keep The Window Into Palestine Open

From everyone here at Window into Palestine, we extend our deepest gratitude for the generosity by those that have made contributions, We regret to say that is has been almost 2 months without any donations while debt continues to mount while we continue our online activities. We know times are hard all over the globe and we are so thankful to everyone who extended financial support and for those who are unable to donate, their moral support.

 This small movement with a modest budget but lots of heart has made a significant mark on the world and on worldwide public opinion about the rights and aspirations of Palestinians everywhere.

Window into Palestine started almost 19 years ago in 1996 as a small blog and has seen many changes throughout the years with a subscriber base in the thousands, with millions of pages having been read through the years.

In this emergency fundraising drive we ask you to provide a financial contribution of what ever you can afford to help keep the Window into Palestine open, this simply would not be possible without you and your support. Your contributions are spent wisely to create awareness and to thank those that help out with small tokens of appreciation.

Help us stand in solidarity, 


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