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Here is Seven things Palestinians can do

In my posting email, I asked readers what should Palestinian leaders do now that the Pal Authority is clearly without authority and is becoming bankrupt and Oslo process was shown a scam and can never lead to peace. 112 individual readers responded and not one said to stay
the course. All wanted change. Here are the seven most common answers (they add up to more than 112 because some individuals suggested more
than one thing) followed by example specific answers.

1. Dissolve the Palestinian authority (incl. security coordination) 41

2. Go for one state scenario 35

3. Develop and implement an effective media strategy locally and internationally 27

4. Expand popular resistance actions 26

5. Expand and strengthen BDS (boycotts, divestments, sanction) 21

6. Develop the use of 12 million Palestinians by getting them involved 18

7. Pursue Israel legally in international and state courts around the world 12

Of course we could do all of the above. Notes and examples of specifics given on some the above by some of you readers:

1. One remark was “Maintain a PLO that functions as a real liberation movement and do not negotiate with Israel until you build your strength.” Another asked rhetorhically if the current crop of leaders are able to change directions when they have basically put their own narrow financial interests ahead of the Palestinian right to return and self-determination. Several individuals used terms like “sell-out”
or “collaborate”.

2. The two state was a ruse developed as a modified plan of the plan of General Allon Commission (1968) to create the illusion that Zionism is compatible with peace

3. Hire research and media professionals who will be able to research and then explain things in different languages and to different communities. For example that Israel profits to the tune of tens of billions of dollars every year from its occupation and persistence of conflict in Western Asia

4. One reader asked bitterly “why is it that we let PA officials like Abu Mazen get away with claiming they support such resistance when they do everything to quash it and they never participate in it”. BTW,
such popular resistance must exact a price from the occupier and are not free of consequences. Some also explained that armed resistance is also a right and must not be abandoned.

5. BDS needs a principled stance and must be based on Palestinian civil society call to action 2005: total BDS until the three conditions are met (return of refugees, ending occupation of all Arab lands, full equality.

6. This is counter to the Zionist attempts to fragment us,
fragmentation that was increased many fold by the Oslo process. Another commentator mentioned that leaders of groups such as Fatah must abandon the “my way or the highway” and accept multitudes of ideas, create real democracy, and employ the best people regardless of
their political affiliation or lack thereof.

7. These legal procedures must not be bargaining chips. War criminals cannot be let off the hook.

Action: Become a member of the Middle East Studies Association and vote yes to this resolution

BDS successes: The amazing things we achieved together in 2014

Professor who defeated terrorism charges is deported from the US. [BTW
I first met Sami Al-Arian over 25 years ago and since then had good
relationships with his children Abdullah and Laila]

Two analyses of Netanyahu’s strong arming the US President

Mazin Qumsiyeh
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  1. Thank you for this window Dr. Qumsiyeh ~ only Al-jazeera link worked ~ but lots of good stuff on it and comments too.
    Is this a new web or blog for you? looks good.
    Points 1 - 4 are crucial. There can be no negotiating for Crimes against Humanity and War Crimes. i don't see Israhell ever agreeing to Equal Rights for All ~ that would simply make it not the Utopian nightmare they want it to be. i didn't see it enumerated but noticed it was conspicuous by its absence NO More Peace Talks }till fully de-occupied and more ~ (personally, i feel Israel has no right to exist) But i'm not on the ground there, so those who've fought this Monster Jewish State for so long should be the ones who choose wither to insist on full equality and right of return or End the Occupation ~ i say all three + All Israeli's must return to where they came from and may petition the new PA for right of return.