Thursday, December 25

Mazin Qumsiyeh & Christmas Reflections

Even as we are busy meeting so many friends and colleagues and making new friends, it is worth taking time to reflect over old correspondence, accomplishments, challenges in life, and future directions. Below are some random items picked up that are worth sharing with you.

I read last year (2103) message for Christmas. Yes, in the last 12 months, the occupation became even more entrenched, Jerusalem and Bethlehem are further besieged, and Gaza was attacked and thousands of
lives where lost and tens of thusands of homes were demolished. But we also had a rapid growth of solidarity and BDS cappaigns in 2014.

In 2008 I wrote a piece titled “On enlightened self-interest”
( which prompted Dr. Hatim Kannan (MD, MPH) to respond and to network with me and we became good friends as a result. Here is his enlightened and personal
response which I cherish and we could all learn from:

If you always believe what you have always believed,
You will always feel the way you always felt.
If you always feel the way you always felt,
You will always think the way you always thought.
If you always think the way you always thought,
You will always do what you've always done.
If you always do what you have always done,
You will always get what you have always gotten.
Author unknown quoted by Danny Graham, Ted Talk

Bethlehem University 3 minute Christmas message

From an article I published over ten years ago titled “their dog eat dog world”:
“At a deeper psychological level, the choice we have is between believing and acting based on the worst elements of human history (i.e. a Straussian model) or knowledge of the history of the accomplishments of the best of humanity; even daring to imagine and plan for a better future -- in other words, humanism. What is at stake here is nothing less than a choice between a power politics that sacrifices lmorality and justice and a path based on human rights for
all which also happens to be the only path by which this planet will survive.”

Mind over power: an article of reflection written in April 2003

Article that appeared in the European but not American edition of Newsweek Magazine: US taxpayers funding Israel with Billions of dollars to do this are again kept in the dark

Come visit us in Bethlehem

Merry Christmas and Happy new year

Mazin Qumsiyeh


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