Monday, November 10

Mazin Qumsiyeh On Europe and Palestine

On Israeli television when asked if he agrees with the idea that Israel assassinated his predecessor Mr. Mahmoud Abbas said we have no proof of who did it. Ten years after and he has no proof. But in the same week Mr. Abbas and his security services took less than 10 hours to accuse Hamas without any proof of the suspicious bombings in Gaza at some offices and homes of Fatah officials (no one was injured).

Article and photo expose of our museum in the premier environmental magazine in Palestine.  For those who read Arabic (for others you can look at the pictures from our nascent museum and/or use google translate)
متحف فلسطين للتاريخ الطبيعي: تحفيز البحث العلمي في كل ما يحيط بنا
 د. مازن قمصية: كثير من الكائنات في فلسطين آخذة بالانقراض وعلينا التخلص من الاحتلال العقلي قبل الاحتلال السياسي

On Berlin Wall's collapse [25th] anniversary, Palestinians punch hole through West Bank [apartheid] wall

We could use volunteers (and partners) especially to prepare for the Science fair (20-29 November) at the museum. Call us at (970)2-277-3553 or email or visit to see how you can help

Hollywood "stars" raise $33 millions for terrorists (and it is all tax-deductible)

We are following up to build partnerships with our Palestine Museum of Natural History ( There was an interesting highlight when I was asked to join a demonstration at Chermin-Nobel plant that makes parts for "hellfire" missiles and exports weapons of human destruction to Israel. The growth of BDS has been a positive movement in Europe.
Video of me, Max Blumenthal, Mand Bassem Tamimi in Oslo Social Forum
Picture of me at the demo (text in Norwegian)

Suggestion for a new book title Europe and Palestine: A history of collusion with colonialist Zionism, a future of cooperation for humanity


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