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Saturday, October 4

Palestinian teenager shot by Israeli Soldiers, Another Ceasefire Broken by Israel to add to their long list
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Israeli Defense Forces soldiers reportedly just shot another child in the tiny Gaza Strip this week. The Palestinian teenager was from the city of Beit Lahia in the north of Gaza according to our sources.
Doctors in the region say that Jalal Abu Jarad, 16, had been shot by IDF soldiers in the left foot while doing nothing other than working on his fathers farm. The farm is based in a Bedouin Village in Beit Lahia.
Immediately after being shot by the IDF soldier, Abu Jarad was raced on an ambulance to Kamal Adwan Hospital where he was treated and his injuries were assessed.
After his condition was deemed moderate, he was later transferred to the much lager, and well-known Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City for further treatment.
Just last Sunday, IDF soldiers shot another Gazan and arrested fisherman off the Gaza coast for doing nothing more than fishing. All of this is in clear violation of the ceasefire deal which had been signed on August 26.
You can expect that once Hamas begins firing rockets in response, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will act like Gaza was the first to break the ceasefire.
(Article by M.A. Hussein and R. Abraham; image used for illustrative purposes) VIA CCN


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