Friday, October 3

Let's Do It For Palestine - Do What You Can

It's the first week of October and it's that time again where we ask you for  what ever support you can provide. Most of
what Window into Palestine has been doing has been going on since 1996, trying to raise awareness and speaking out in support of Palestine and The Palestinians. Just recently we 
joined a partnership with the People's Media Group and look forward to publishing a book ( a cost of 15,000) with them that will be be made FREE once published hopefully by Summer . 

We thank the few people who made contributions last month and we are very appreciative of your generous support, our backlog of outstanding debts and obligations is getting smaller.

We are still working on our new design for our website and  

that will be launched by the new year. What has gone on 

here has been going on and our activities are available for 

free while people donate their time and resources, we like to 

provide them with very small contributions to show our 

appreciation while giving contributions to writers who submit 


We rely on your support to continue doing the good work 

and to make progress that you (hopefully) appreciate. Check 

below for ways to support us. show us that you like what I do!

You can spread the word to your friends and link back to us also follow us or like us on Twitter and Face Book.

We know times are hard, all over the globe but every lit bit helps and adds up.

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