Saturday, October 4

Colors from Palestine 2015 and the The BDS campaign

Dear friends

We are calling on you to support our Boycott, Divestment and sanction (BDS) drive in Canada and the USA. The BDS campaign needs our collective effort to succeed.  To help nurture this grass root movement, Resistance Art will donate all the proceeds from the sales of its Colors from Palestine 2015 calendars to groups and organizations in Canada and the USA who focus their effort and activism in 2015 on the BDS campaign.

You can support this effort by buying the calendar and encouraging your local group to focus their effort on educating the public on the importance of the BDS to achieve justice for Palestine

The 2015 calendar is a tribute to the late Palestinian artist Ismail Shammout; it includes the work of 12 talented Palestinian artists.

Follow the link below to buy and view the art work in the calendar.

To place your order, please email your requests to or
call 289-469-5629

Please forward this email to your contacts.

Thank you
Resistance Art

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