Friday, September 19

Yesterday Was The First Day Back To School In Gaza, But Many Students Did Not Return…

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Yesterday was the first day of school in Gaza but many students did not return from the summer break. The reason for all of the empty desks this years was due to the heavy civilian casualties resulting from Israel’s War on Gaza.
 According to the UN nearly 17,000 homes in Gaza were bombed and destroyed by the Israeli Defense Forces.
Over 2,000 civilians were killed, including nearly 500 children. In the tiny Gaza Strip, this means that many schools had empty seats today as school opened.
 In addition to the death tolls, over 500,000 people are now homeless in Gaza, making the first day of school particularly difficult.
 At least 134 factories have been destroyed during Israel’s four-week military offensive in the Gaza Strip, crippling the infrastructure of the Palestinian national economy by targeting factories which posed no security threat to the occupation

 The cost to repair and rebuild Gaza, according to the U.N. is over $5 billion.

Article by R. Abraham and M.A. Hussein; images via the Shehab News Agency)

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