Monday, September 1

The Importance of books for the Gazan Children

Alaa Hammouda From Gaza 
In Palestine , the Palestinian children are different from other children all over the world, the only thing in common between them is innocence. Palestinian children are living the toughest life any one could imagine , they are deprived from the simplest rights any child has , right to play, travel ,sleep ,swim and even the right to read. Their nights are full of bombing nightmares and fear , while their morning is full of loss , death and sorrow. Not a single child around the world can endure what Gazan children are going through , they speak in the Language of bombs , F16, death and damage.

 All literature is born from the human need to tell stories about oneself, about others, to tell stories for the world to better understand our experiences. All the books, myths, fables and novels are the root of this wish and this basic need, they help children live, survive, grow up and even develop. Palestinian children , especially Gazan children are in great need of books and . Reading and storytelling is really important for these children, especially after the terrifying war experience they lived. 

 The sorrowful life Gazan children lived during the war is unforgettable for them whether its losing a mother , father , brother , friend, cousin, or even loosing the house which has all the wonderful childhood memories , the beautiful swing , the drawing books, the school books and even the games. So books and reading are tools are important treatment tools for Gazan children . 
They help children to cope with their feelings , and they help them understand and accept their own feelings too.. It helps the child understand that everything will be better and they are not alone . It helps the child understand that fear , and screaming are normal feelings any one can go through and they shall be expressed.

 Reading books is very useful for strengthening the confidence of the Gazan children after the shocking experience they experienced during war times. , it helps the children share their traumatic events and their experiences too. Reading books is more like a relief for the children after the horrible life they lived during the war on the Gaza strip. If the children don't express their feelings , and talk about the traumatic events they lived , then they might isolate themselves from others , and this might lead to a big psychological problem . So reading books and stories for children is helpful for relaxation. It allows the child to forget the stress and strains of the sorrowful experience they have been through and indulge in fantasy for awhile .

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