Thursday, September 18

Colors from Palestine 2015 and the The BDS campaign

Dear Friends
The civilian population of Gaza have been under cruel and an inhumane Israeli siege since 2006. In the recant attack on Gaza; for 51 days Israel bombed houses, schools hospitals, power plants mosques and churches. Entire families were murdered while having diner. The world governments were silent and complicit. We the world citizens will be the force to bring justice to Palestine. 

The BDS (Boycott, Divestment and sanction).campaign needs our collective effort to succeed.  To help nurture a grassroots movement; Resistance Art will donate 50 copies ($1000 value) of its Colors from Palestine 2015 calendars to every group or organization in Canada and the USA who organizes an educational event on the BDS campaign.

The 2015 calendar is tribute to the late Palestinian artist Ismail Shammout. The 2015 Colors from Palestine includes the work of 12 talented Palestinian artists. Follow the link below to support this initiative and buy the calendar

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Thank you
Resistance Art

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