Thursday, September 11

Anonymous ‘Hacktivists’ Take Down Israeli Government Sites in #OpEndTheSettlements

CCN - The hacktivist group Anonymous has struck the Israeli government once again in what they are calling #OpEndTheSettlements. The War on Gaza may officially be over (for now), but Anonymous is not sleeping.
Morphing their previous #OpGazaCounterHack and #OpHasbaraTrolls, Anonymous is hitting back harder than before.
#OpGazaCounterHack targeted Israeli government websites in an effort to strike back at the closure of Anonymous social media accounts that had been spreading reports out of Gaza on Israeli strikes.
But now Anonymous is targeting Israel in protest of the illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank, saying that they are an obstacle to both peace and a Palestinian State.
Our contacts in the hacktivist group tell us that this should be a “no brainer,” as the ever-expanding, and illegal settlements have even been denounced by Western politicians. Until Israel agrees to finally start abiding by international law, the hacker group says they will always have to look over their shoulders (and web servers) for Anonymous.
Some of the Israeli government websites hit today include the following: – Ministry of Industry and Trade – Public Works Department – Israel Economic and Tourism – domains – Israel Government ISP – Embassy of Israel to the United States – Merkava – ministry of Finance – Israeli Defense Forces – Israel Police Department – Ministry of Defense – Ministry of Finance – Economic Mission U.S. – State of Israel – eGovernment – Galil Development Authority – Domain Internet Ltd. – Integrated Foreign Trade System – Israel Institute of Productivity – Israeli Immigration – Office of the Prime Minister – State of Israel Mail – The Government of Israel – Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Israel Information Technology – Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Foreign Affairs Ministry – The Israeli Antitrust Authority – Israeli Government CERT – Shifra Har – IDF – Israel Defense Forces – Bank of Israel – Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Israel Government Printing Office – State of Israel-Ministry of Finance – Ministry of Regional Cooperation – Nativ Project – PMO – National Insurance of Israel – Ministry of Finance 1 Kaplan Street – Ministry of Industry and Trade
There are many more, but these seemed to be the hardest hit, and stayed down the longest. If you see this article reported in the mainstream media, bear in mind that they got the information right from his page.
Bookmark us and check back for updates, because anyone else reporting on this attack will be doing just that!

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