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Thursday, September 18

43 brave Israelis take us behind the system of occupation (A MUST READ)
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If you don't have time to read them all, please read the first and last articles below.

1) ‘Any Palestinian is exposed to monitoring by the Israeli Big Brother’

Testimonies from people who worked in the Israeli Intelligence Corps tell of a system where there were no boundaries

2) Israeli intelligence veterans' letter to Netanyahu and military chiefs - in full

Read the letter from 34 reserve soldiers who have served in Unit 8200 explaining why they refuse to serve in Palestinian territories

3) Israeli intelligence veterans refuse to serve in Palestinian territories

Innocent people under military rule exposed to surveillance by Israel, say 43 ex-members of Unit 8200, including reservists
Peter Beaumont in Jerusalem

4) and the initial Israeli response to this crack in the system of oppression:

IDF spokesperson: Discipline of Unit 8200 refuseniks will be sharp and clear

Army spokesperson responds to letter of conscientious objection sent by 43 mid-rank soldiers and officers, says no room for refusal in IDF.

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