Tuesday, August 5

4 Year oldYamin found alive 4 days after his family members we're murdered by by Israeli airstrike that bombed his home

GAZA CITY (Ma’an) – Family 

relatives of four-year-old 

Yamin Abu Jabir found him 

alive in hospital after they 

spent four days looking for 

his dead body with the belief 

that he was killed along with the rest of his family.

The relatives were killed by an Israeli airstrike at their home 

in al-Bureij refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip.

Muhammad Jabir Abu, a cousin of Yamin’s father, said he 

believed that the child was dead under the rubble, but he 

was confused as bulldozers failed to find the child’s body 

after digging in the rubble for four days. 

Moving from one hospital to another across the Gaza Strip, 

relatives finally found Yamin on the fifth day at Shifa 

Hospital in Gaza City. His face was wrapped with a white 

cloth and his hand was set in plaster, but fortunately a 

relative approached him and recognized him. 

Muhammad highlighted that his cousin’s family were 

gathered on Tuesday, the second day of the Eid al-Fitr 

holiday, in an attempt to create a positive atmosphere 

which could soften the tension and fear caused by the 

ongoing Israeli airstrikes everywhere in the coastal enclave. 

However, he added, the good moments were interrupted by 

an Israeli missile which killed 22 members of the family 

leaving four-year-old Yamin alone as he turned out to be 

the only survivor.

Neighbors and ambulance service officers who hurried to 

evacuate the victims took Yamin to the Al-Aqsa Martys 

Hospital in Deir al-Balah where he was admitted to an 

intensive care unit. 

He was then transferred to Shifa Hospital in Gaza City by a 

young volunteer Muhammad Abu Zeid who escorted him 

and remained attached to him hoping that some relative 

would recognize him. 

“When Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital was bombarded, and chaos 

prevailed amongst medical staffs, I grabbed the child on my 

own and took him to Shifa Hospital,” he said. 

Abu Zeid highlighted that medics wrote the word 

“unidentified” on Yamin’s file because nobody came to ask 

about him. 

The Israeli military offensive on Gaza has claimed the lives 

of about 400 children in addition to thousands who were 


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