Tuesday, July 22

Your Silence is Complicity "We Will End The Gaza Siege With Our Blood" - Feel Free to step In & hold Israel to account anytime!

Haneyya: We decided to end the siege with our blood

GAZA, (PIC)-- Deputy chairman of Hamas’s political bureau Ismail Haneyya said Monday that the Palestinian people’s demands for ceasefire are clear: stop the aggression, do not repeat it, and lift the siege on Gaza.
“We decided to end Gaza siege by our blood and resistance and there would be no return back”, he said.
In a televised speech, Haneyya stressed that the Palestinian people are sacrificing their lives to end the occupation and its siege, saying that the Israeli enemy has failed to silence resistance.
Israel is deliberately targeting Gazan civilians and children after failing to confront Palestinian resistance fighters, he added.
“We waited for an international intervention to end an 8-year-old siege, but nothing changed. Today we decided to break the siege by ourselves,” he continued.
"We call on the free world to stand by us and support the Palestinian people’s demands for freedom."
Haneyya underlined that the international community’s deafening silence over the Israeli war crimes and not holding Israeli leaders accountable provide a green light for Israel to perpetrate more crimes.
“Gaza is a graveyard for its invaders … Gaza is the bridge to the liberation of Jerusalem,” he said.
Haneyya said in a previous statement that “the terms of the resistance are the minimum conditions for any ceasefire agreement with the Israeli enemy.”
He pointed out that the Israeli enemy has been defeated on the borders of Gaza, stressing that the Palestinian resistance will meet all the Palestinian people’s demands and aspirations.

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