Sunday, July 20

Will Western Governments Like U.S, Britain, France & Especially Canada stop it's pro-Israel bias

Resheq denounces western governments' pro-Israel bias

GAZA, (PIC)-- Member of Hamas’s political bureau Ezzat Resheq said that the Israeli extremist government had carried out endless violations against the Palestinian people.
“Is it fair to draw arrows against resistance which developed homemade weapons defending its people in face of Israeli crimes committed along 66 years?” He asked in a press statement on Saturday.
“Did the international community hear about targeting homes allocated for people of disabilities, human rights institutions, mosques, and even fishing boats?” He continued.
“Have you heard Ms. Angela Merkel about bombing children on the beach by Netanyahu warplanes? Have you heard about bombing civilian homes in Gaza?”
"Israel is using internationally banned Sarin gas against civilians in Beit Hanoun and Rafah. Is this not worthy of condemnation, Ms. Merkel?"
Resheq strongly condemned the western biased policy that provides a cover for the Israeli aggression on Gaza.
“Israel wants us to choose between a quick death by shelling and a slow death by the siege”, he said.
The Hamas leader stressed that the steadfast Palestinian people had exposed the western countries’ bias in favor of the executioner and their justification of its crimes.

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