Wednesday, July 9

The village of Einabus has been attacked by Israeli Settlers

The village of Einabus lies approximately 10 km south of 
Nablus, in the northern half of the West Bank. The illegal 
settlement of Yizar is located just up the hill from the village.
In the evening of Monday, July 6th, 
ten to twelve settlers descended 
from the settlement and attacked a 
house in the village. According to 
witnesses, at least two of them 
were carrying rifles, and the rest 
were armed with stones. Their 
target was the house of an 
inhabitant named Saleh, who had 
died the previous day and whose 
family was in mourning. In keeping with tradition, only 
women and children were staying in the house, since the 
three day mourning period had not yet passed. 
“They came to kidnap the boys,” said a witness when asked 
why he thought the settlers would attack that house. “They 
know there are only women and children there now.”

Young men from the village were able to chase away the 
settlers. They called the District Coordination Office, and the 
army entered the village, but by that time the settlers had 

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