Monday, July 14

The Power Of The Israeli Lobby: Dwight Howard Tweets Free Palestine to 5 Million Followers & Then Removes It

Earlier today NBA player Dwight Howard tweeted #FreePalestine to over five million of his twitter followers. It seems that after receiving some pressure for his honest tweet he unfortunately deleted it and apologized for posting it.
We hear a lot about freedom of speech in the United States but there are limits to it when you speak out against Israel and in support of Palestine.
You can face repercussions in your career for speaking out against the occupation and the injustices facing the Palestinian people. It takes a strong willed person to stand by his or her words especially when the Israeli lobby tries to silence any hint of opposition and looks to make examples out of people.
It would have been great to see Dwight Howard stand his ground but the fact that he deleted his tweet also helps expose the fact that there is a lack of free speech when it comes to speaking about Palestine whether from our politicians, journalist or athletes.
There seems to be no Free Speech when you say Free Palestine.

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