Sunday, July 13

Tension in the Aqsa Mosque after settlers storm its courtyards

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)-- Tension is running high inside and outside the Aqsa Mosque on Sunday morning after Jewish settlers led by the fanatic rabbi Ehuda Glick broke into its courtyards.
Eyewitnesses said that special Israeli police forces raided the holy site and fired sound bombs and rubber bullets at the fasting worshipers, who managed to enter it, wounding many of them.
Israeli police forces have imposed tight restriction on the entry into the Mosque since the early morning hours, barring entry of those less than 50 years old while allowing Jewish settlers free access through the Maghareba gate.
The witnesses said that violent confrontations broke out after the worshipers protested the ban and objected to the free access allowed to the Jews.
Islamic Awkaf sources said that the Israeli special forces were trying to implement the Israeli occupation authorities’ scheme of temporal division of the Mosque by allowing only Jews into the Mosque in the morning. It warned that in the event they succeeded then it would be followed with the spacial division of the Mosque.

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