Wednesday, July 23

Speak up for Palestinian human rights – here’s some help

As Israel continues its ground offensive in Gaza, now is the time to stand up and speak out for the human rights of Palestinians. This email gives you three ways to jump in to help:
  1. We give you the facts and the key argumentsthat you need;
  2. We show you how to contact media and politicians, and even suggest a few key ones;
  3. We tell you where you can demonstrate for peace.
The Key Facts and Arguments:
  1. The core facts of the conflict. Click here for a page with the latest facts on the conflict: e.g. how many Palestinian civilians killed; how many Israeli airstrikes; what our politicians have said; etc.
  2. Responding to the pet arguments of the pro-war side.  Tired of hearing people say, “Israel is only defending itself”?  Check out our response to the pet arguments used by the other side to prolong the carnage in Gaza.
  3. What international law says about the conflict.  We have updated our “8 Crucial Points about Israel’s Assault on Gaza” to reflect the realities of Israel’s ground invasion.  See what international law says about the hostilities.
How to Contact the Media and Politicians:  Now is the time to write that email that you have been rehearsing in your mind.  Now is the time to pick up the phone.
  1. Contact Canadian Media. Whether you live in Halifax, Toronto or Vancouver, click here to find the contact info for newspapers across the country.  Respond to poor or unbalanced coverage of the conflict.  Here is a guide to common media problems.
  2. Review the coverage.  You don’t subscribe to a newspaper?  No problem.  We provide the links to the international page for the on-line edition of the major Canadian newspapers.
  3. Write or call your MP.  Click here to determine who your MP is, and to get their contact info.  Send an email with our tool which proposes an editable email text to you, or make a call directly yourself.  An email or call doesn’t have to be long: just let them know that you support Palestinian human rights, and oppose Israel’s ongoing carnage.  You may also sign our petition calling for an end to the violence if you have not already done so.
  4. Write or call the leaders of the opposition.  Contact Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, or Liberal Foreign Affairs Critic Marc Garneau.  Contact NDP leader Thomas Mulcair, or NDP Foreign Affairs Critic Paul Dewar.  Contact Green Party Leader Elizabeth May.
Get out and demonstrate for peace and human rights:  Demonstrations are planned for cities across the country in the coming days.  The demonstrations last week were impressive: those coming up are equally important.  Click here for our updated list.  If you have events to add, please email them to

While it is easy to feel hopeless and overwhelmed, the people of Palestine need us to stand up for them. Palestinians will have justice one day, so let’s do our part to bring that day closer. 

Warmest regards,

The CJPME Leadership Team
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