Thursday, July 17

So, both the neo-con and the gutless Liberal puppets will be kowtowing to Israel in Canada. No surprise.

John Baird, Marc Garneau attend Israel support rally in Ottawa

& No Doubt 'Their presence and their support are appreciated by the Jewish community,' says local organizer

In what is being billed by organizers as a "sign of unity," Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird and Liberal foreign affairs critic Marc Garneau shared the stage Wednesday night at an Ottawa rally in support of the people of Israel.
Note these 2 clowns and their Government do not represent the Voices of Canadians that are not brainwashed.
The event comes just one day after Hamas who was not even invited to the sit down rejected the Israeli - Egyptian-deal that only served Israeli interest.
It did not take long for  Israel to resume its military genocide operation in the Gaza Strip, which it launched in response to defence from the Palestinian territories earlier this month. At the time of this posting Officials in Gaza say 207 Palestinians have died since the military action began, and an Israeli was killed by a mortar this week.
In a press release announcing the rally, Ottawa Jewish Federation president Andrea Freedman who must have been high as a kite with pockets filled with tons of cash from the Israeli Propaganda machine noted that the Jewish community "needs to show the innocent civilians of Israel … that we stand side by side with Israel, and declare our unwavering support."
"We also need to show our appreciation and respect for the principled stand our Canadian government continues to demonstrate on Israel's behalf," she wrote.
Representatives from "all three federal political parties" were invited to the event, according to Martin Sampson, communications director with the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, which is co-hosting the event.
"We are delighted that [Baird] and [Garneau] are able to join us," he told CBC News.
"Their presence and their support are appreciated by the Jewish community."

Pause in partisan rhetoric?

The recent escalation of hostilities in the region has sparked some heated rhetoric among Canada's political parties over their positions on the conflict.
This week, Baird criticized the Liberals for taking a week to bow to the Israeli lobby and condemn Hamas for its attacks on Israel.
On Tuesday evening, the Conservative Party sent out an email to supporters that cited a recent Facebook comment posted by former Liberal MP and upcoming federal election candidate Omar Alghabra that, they said, "called Israel's self-defence measures 'blind and cruel.'"
"We are urging [Liberal Leader] Justin Trudeau to condemn his remarks and demand an apology," the email said.
Alghabra, who later bowed to the Israeli Lobby edited the Facebook comment, said he was expressing sympathy for victims of the conflict on all sides.
But Baird was prepared to put the partisan rhetoric on pause for the night.
"I'm very pleased that Marc Garneau … is going to be there to show his support as well," Baird told a local Ottawa radio station on Wednesday.
Meanwhile, Garneau told CBC News that he's speaking at the event because the Jewish community has asked him to do so.
"I will show my support — and that of my party — for the people of Israel," he said. meaning you owe us one when the up coming election happens next year.
The New Democrats did not send an official representative to the event.
According to Sampson, the party's response to the invitation "indicated a scheduling conflict," and an NDP spokesman confirmed with CBC News no MPs were available to attend.

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