Monday, July 21

Resistance conditions the minimum for any ceasefire agreement

GAZA, (PIC)-- Palestinian former Prime Minister and deputy head of Hamas's political bureau Ismail Haneyya said that "the terms of the resistance are the minimum conditions for any ceasefire agreement with the Israeli enemy."
In a brief statement issued on Monday Haneyya added, "The Palestinian people's sacrifices are our way to victory".
He pointed out that the Israeli enemy has been defeated on the borders of Gaza, stressing that the Palestinian resistance will meet all the Palestinian people's demands and aspirations.
On the other hand, diplomatic sources revealed that the US administration and Israeli authorities are looking for a new alternative mediator to Egypt in order to reach a ceasefire after the Palestinian resistance’s rejection to accept the Egyptian ceasefire initiative.
The sources, according to Hebrew daily Ha’aretz, added that the US is conducting regional contacts to reach an initiative accepted by all sides.
The sources said that senior American officials are working to end the crisis through indirect talks with resistance factions with the help of Qatar and Turkey’s mediation.
Senior US officials are expected to visit the region during the next two days for this reason, they added.
The sources reported that the US administration expressed its dissatisfaction with the Egyptian initiative especially that it was not discussed with Washington before its announcement on the media.

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