Tuesday, July 22

Palestinian security services working with Israel to undermine efforts to launch new intifada

Palestinian security services cracked down on Monday night on a demonstration of angry Palestinians protesting against the Israeli occupation's war on the Gaza Strip.
The protesters took to the streets of the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah and headed towards the Israeli settlement of Beit El, in the north of the city; however, Palestinian Authority (PA) security services fired tear gas at the protestors, blocking the way to the settlement.
Clashes erupted and three protesters and three security staff were wounded in the clashes. PA security services banned journalists from covering the incident.
After about one hour of clashes, PA security services reportedly withdrew and the protesters continued towards the settlement. Several similar protests have been reported in previous days amidst calls to stop security cooperation between the PA and Israel.
Al-Arab Al-Yawm newspaper quoted a PA security official as saying that PA President Mahmoud Abbas gave directives to deal strictly with citizens attempting to ignite a third intifada. Abbas does not believe that resistance is the way for Palestinians to regain their rights.
For this reason, the PA security services are being deployed in the areas where it is possible for Palestinian youths to clash with Israeli occupation forces or settlers.
The PA security official told the newspaper that security forces had received clear directions from high-level political and security officials to prevent Palestinian youths from reaching any of the Israeli occupation army's checkpoints in order to "protect the lives of these youths".

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