Tuesday, July 15

Palestinian Children are calling you isn’t is time to Act and do something for them ??

alaa hammouda

Its war time , yes war, but a war is called war when it's between two equal powers this is known throughout history . On Monday night, 7th of July , 2014  while setting peacefully inside their houses , suddenly strong bombs were heard all over the Gaza Strip, is it war , people started asking themselves, unfortunately yes it is .

In this war the  Isralei war planes targeted civilians , innocent people's houses, little children and  even old people who are above 70 years old and even people praying inside the mosques. Every single place became a target for the Isralei airstrikes where children in Gaza lost their houses, many of the Gazan children two, three and four years old lost their whole family and now they are left alone with no one to look after them. Children bodies are burned as a result of the Israeli's use of Internationally banned missiles.  The sounds of children's screaming and crying is very painful . Children in Gaza are very different from children all over the world they are deprived from their simplest right which is the right to live peacefully .  They hide their games fearing that Israeli bombs will  reach them  one of the little children in Gaza asked her father to take his cell phone wherever he goes telling him " please Dad don’t forget your phone because when you die I want to call you". Gazan children don’t sleep day and night , instead of playing , and dreaming of the cute little Barbie games , and Tom and Jerry they live dark nights and days which are full of Israeli nightmares , Israeli Bombs and destruction . Where is the children's protection law or are the Palestinian children excluded from this law, aren't they human beings who want to live their childhood as others all around the world do . where will Gazan children who lost their houses go?? How will they live, and who is going to take care of them?? Can they spend their whole lives on the streets without a mother ,  a father  to look after them and  even a brother to play with and to share the happy moments with. A child   can't Bomb Israel or even carry a gun , what's the fault of the Palestinian children, they have done nothing to the world why are they been threaten this way??  When a child who lost her father was asked   what's your hope she answered in a very sorrowful voice with tears filling  her eyes "I want my father back, I want to play with him and I want him to buy me the new school clothes ". The question is how can we bring the hope of this child back ??

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