Thursday, July 31

New campaign launched to boycott Israeli products in West Bank

WEST BANK, (PIC)-- Dozens of young activists launched on Wednesday a campaign to boycott Israeli products under the slogan “Do not support Gaza aggressions.”
The campaign’s organizers urged the Palestinian people to boycott the Israeli products in protest at Israel’s Judaization and confiscation policies and its crimes and massacres against Palestinian children, women and elderly persons in Gaza.
The organizers said that the Israeli profits are estimated at billions of dollars from Palestinian markets, adding that the profits are used in waging wars against the Palestinian people in Gaza.
The campaign was launched under the slogan “Do not support Gaza aggression”, in response to those who refuse to boycott Israeli products.
They called on the Palestinian Authority to cancel the Paris Convention which they described as an “unfair treaty”, as it works to flood the Palestinian markets with Israeli products.
They appealed to the Palestinian consensus government to take the necessary measures to boycott all Israeli products so to pressure the Israeli government to halt its massacres against civilians in the Gaza Strip.

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