Monday, July 14

More than 10,000 Palestinians take shelter in UN schools

Thousands of Palestinians from northern Gaza left their homes after Israel dropped leaflets warning them to evacuate on Sunday 

Anne Paq


After the Israeli army dropped leaflets on Sunday, telling residents in northern Gaza to evacuate, many left for five UN Relief and Works Agency schools-turned-shelters with no belongings, hoping to return promptly to their homes after the end of the military operation.
Some of the families were also uprooted during the last two Israeli military operations in 2008 and 2012. While offering shelter to refugees, UNRWA schools lack basic facilities, such as drinkable water or mattresses, to accommodate the high number of displaced Palestinians. 
An estimated 17,000 Gazans have been displaced during the current offensive, with more than 10,000 seeking shelter in UN schools, according to UNRWA.


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