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Tuesday, July 15

Israeli war planes Bombs Children Kindergarten In Beit laheia , North Gaza , Causing A huge Damage !!
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Alaa Hammouda in Gaza

Kindergarten , Place of children's Joy and happiness is attacked by Israeli war planes too Why?? Why???
No place is safe in Gaza . Israeli criminals are attacking everywhere !! Running away from my house , my husband's house to my family's house which is really close too because of the bombs targeting us, thinking that I will be somehow safer but unfortunately I was mistaken no place is SAFE IN HERE , the Israelis targeted my fathers kindergarten causing a huge damage to it , it's only kindergarten for god sake , a place were children go and enjoy their time playing on the swings and enjoying their childhood , Today this childhoods joy was also attacked and bombed , its only children place it has no bombs and no Hamas people , everything was damaged in Our kindergarten , the trees burned and the games broken , children swings became a rubble on the ground .. When these little children come back to their kindergarten and find that everything is destroyed can you imagine!! 

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