Sunday, July 20

Israeli barbaric shelling continues in small neighborhood killing 60 and wounding 400

Genocide in Shujaia

GAZA, (PIC)-- More than 60 Palestinians were killed and 400 others wounded in an Israeli barbaric shelling of a small Gaza neighborhood that started at dawn Sunday and continued unabated since then.
Press personnel, who managed to enter Shujaia during a two-hour lull demanded by the Red Cross to evacuate the bodies, reported horrific scenes of bodies of women, children, young men and elderly people strewn along the streets.
They said that most of the bodies were badly mutilated while the entire neighborhood’s houses were partly or wholly destroyed.
Hamas Movement described the ongoing massacre in Shujaia, east of Gaza City, as a war crime.
Sami Abu Zuhri, a Hamas spokesman, said in a statement that the Palestinian people’s determination would not be broken and resistance would continue to fight back and inflict casualties in lines of the invaders.

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