Wednesday, July 9

Israel: Palestinians Are All Terrorists & We Are All Mentally Ill

Ministry Warns against Israeli Attempts to Depict Abu Khdeir’s Murderers as Mentally Ill

RAMALLAH, July 9, 2014 – (WAFA) – Foreign Ministry warned Wednesday against Israeli government’s attempts to mislead international community by claiming that Mohammad Abu Khdeir’s murderers were ‘mentally ill’.
“Israel frequently comes out with such allegations each time an Israeli murders a Palestinian or more. It alleges that the perpetrator is mentally ill, taking the first step to acquit him of his crime against the Palestinians. Accordingly, Israel does not prosecute, imprison or punish Israeli perpetrators for murdering Palestinians,” said the Ministry.
The Ministry considered this Israeli misleading as tantamount to rewarding, encouraging and offering safe harbor to such perpetrators and criminals. Israel has frequently resorted to such an allegation “to protect Jewish terrorists, whose hands are drenched in the blood of innumerable Palestinian civilians.”
The ministry warned Israel against resorting to this allegation as an outlet and urged the international community to watch out for such ploys and maneuvers.

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