Tuesday, July 15

In the words of our friend and the martyr Vittorio Arrigoni: "Stay human"


Call fr volunteers (note we hold volunteer meetings and workshops in Bethlehem every Wed afternoon): The Palestine Institute of Biodiversity Research and its Palestine Museum of Natural History (PMNH) work to research, educate about, and conserve our natural world, culture and heritage and use knowledge to promote responsible human interactions with our environment. We have many volunteer opportunities that will enhance your skills and allow you to be part of a team that is dynamic and energetic and making a difference locally. We promote respect (for one self, for fellow human beings, and for the environment). Opportunities to volunteer exist in these areas: biodiversity research, taxonomy of different animal and plant groups, collection management, maintaining living ecosystems, administrative areas, fundraising, media work, education, publicity, working with children, art, and exhibits related to the mission noted above. For those interested emailmazin@qumsiyeh.org

The situation in Gaza is horrific. A handicap center was bombed killing two special girls. A doctors house is bombed. A family is bombed as they come out of a mosque killing 18 members. Resistance factions in Gaza responded with rockets that fell on cities deep inside "Israel" (1948 Palestine). The capabilities of a besieged Gaza strip astonished many Israelis (projectiles reaching as far as Haifa, frogmen penetrating an Israeli base successfully from the sea, a drone that flew for hours in Israeli airspace before it was finally shot down etc). We have to remember that Israel started the genocide in Gaza. Even if we take the most rcent issue, it was Israeli airplanes that first attacked Gaza after 2 years of signing an agreement not to do so. So Israel attacked Gaza and the resistance responded by firing a few rockets and Israel then decided to target hundreds of homes and over 20 mosques in Gaza. Western media and politicians seem oblivious to facts. In so doing tehy encourage aggression which will only bring more radicalism. The notion of might makes right will get further entrenched here and I am afraid the future will be bleak for all of us (Israelis, Palestinians, Americans etc). I always explained to visitors and the media that there is no win-lose scenario, there is either a lose-lose scenario (the might makes right path of Zionism) or a win-win scenario (justice and human rights including the rights of refugees to return to their homes and lands). We all need to take responsibility and do something positive not something negative. We either live together as equal human beings or we perish together as fools." Education is a key component of this. Knowledge is power and I urge all to share with us as we educate young Palestinians and others about the value of knowledge and of respect.

In the words of our friend and the martyr Vittorio Arrigoni: "Stay human"


Mazin Qumsiyeh
Professor and Director, PMNH/PIBR
Occupied Palestine

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