Sunday, July 20

Hundreds of casualties suffered in Israeli brutal attacks

GAZA, (PIC)-- More than 60 people were killed and hundreds were injured in a new bloody massacre carried out by the Israeli army in Shujaia neighborhood east of Gaza at dawn Sunday.
Ambulance crews have transferred the casualties to hospitals at dawn after being unable to reach the neighborhood due to the Israeli heavy shelling.
Spokesman for the Health Ministry Ashraf Qudra charged that Israeli occupation forces deliberately targeted ambulance crews preventing them from transferring the victims.
Qudra said a big number of dead and wounded people were trapped in their homes by the bombardment since midnight Saturday.
“We made contacts with the Red Cross and international health institutions to pressure Israel to allow ambulances’ access to the neighborhood; however, Israel refused the appeals saying that Shujaia is a closed military area.”
Along the same line, the Israeli army carried out on Sunday a massacre southern the Strip after bombing a civilian home, killing and injuring dozens of people.
Israeli F-16 jets bombed the house without prior-warning in Khan Younis southern Gaza Strip, killing all the family members including children.
Meanwhile, medical sources confirmed that a Palestinian cameraman and a paramedic were killed during an Israeli airstrike east of Gaza city.
Cameraman Khaled Hammad and paramedic Fuad Jaber were killed when Israeli warplanes targeted a group of people in Gaza City.
At least one Palestinian was killed and others were injured on Sunday evening during an Israeli airstrike southern Gaza.
Three brothers were also killed at dawn Sunday when Israeli warplanes bombed their home in Jenina neighborhood in Rafah.
Israeli artillery stationed at the eastern borders of Gaza continued shelling Palestinian civilian communities late Saturday.
Quds Press confirmed that Israeli heavy fire and shelling continued since Saturday night till dawn today targeting civilian homes east of the Strip, while ambulances were unable to reach the casualties.
Israeli massacres have hit unprecedented rates as 425 Palestinian citizens, including same-family members, were killed and 3500 others were injured in the wave of Israeli airstrikes and artillery bombardment that rocked the Gaza Strip over the past 13 days.

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