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How to spin genocide. From the top experts in the world.

Update 1 ---> I think This is from a fake news site, but I received it through another source.  I have no doubt that sooner or later Israel will want to dispossess all Palestinians in all of Palestine, and it will create whatever pretext it can to do that.  Netanyahu in particular was opposed to the evacuation of Gaza.  

The author of this piece has not treated it as satire and has created several plausible elements.  If it is not happening today, we should expect something like it tomorrow.


Israel Begins Construction Of Concentration Camps Outside Gaza

The Israeli government has begun the construction of several strategically placed concentration camps outside of the Gaza Strip. Reports indicate that in the weeks leading up to the Israeli offensive in Gaza a closed-door vote was held in the Knesset that not only authorized  the construction of the detention camps, but also created a legal pathway for the eviction of the Palestinian people from Gaza. The native Peoples of Gaza have been classified as an existential threat to the Israeli state and her people, and as such measures will be initiated to remove that threat.

The Israelis have brokered a deal with the Egyptian government which will allow all Gaza residents to become Egyptian citizens. The Israeli government will compensate each adult Palestinian deported to take up residence in Egypt the equivalent of  thirty thousand U.S. dollars, roughly five years of per capita income. The concentration and deportation facilities under construction will each house roughly twenty thousand people at a time, with ten such facilities being constructed in total. The facilities will provide for the orderly and incremental integration of the Palestinian people of Gaza into Egyptian society. Egyptian government spokesman Hani Salah discussed the Egyptian governments rational for agreeing to participate in the forces deportation. “There is no political solution that will allow the peaceful coexistence of the Palestinians and Israelis. We are helping our Palestinians brothers and sisters receive a new, better life in Egypt. One in which they will not have to suffer the repression Israel brings down upon them.”

The Israelis expect concentration and deportation facilities to be able to transfer the Palestinian population to Egypt no later than November of 2017. After that point Israeli military forces will be authorized to conduct a pogrom on any remaining Palestinians within the borders of Gaza, who will be designated terrorists and enemies of the state by the Israeli government. The move has been met with outraged outcry by leaders of the Arab world, who liken it in nature to the very horrible acts perpetuated on the Jewish people by Germany during World War Two.  Israel has countered that charge  by stating that every Palestinian in Gaza will be provided with the chance to start a good life, at Israeli expense, in lands more ideologically akin to themselves.  Violence will only be perpetuated on those who stay and threaten the Jewish homeland. The cost for relocation and providing relocation stipends has been estimated at roughly two hundred and eighty billion dollars.

Israeli members of the Likud party have stated to the press that President Obama has been applying secret pressure on the Israeli government to backtrack on legislation legalizing forced deportation of Palestinians. They charge that his administration has threatened to pull financial aid and military support to the Israeli state if they continue forward despite his strong objections. “This man does not support Israel”, said Moshe Levin member of Knesset Likud. “This man speaks words of support for those who attack Israel, for those who question our right to exist, for those who will not rest until we are nothing but rubble under the foot of Islam. This man hates Israel, but Israel will endure in spite of him.”

- See more at: http://nationalreport.net/israel-begins-construction-concentration-camps-outside-gaza/#sthash.ojbsFdEC.dpuf

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