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Hamas has Rejected Israel's "Knock on Roof" Policy

the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheepJohn 10:11

Hamas instructed denizens of Gaza not to obey IDF's "Knock on 

Roof" Policy, turning themselves into living shields against Israel's 

aggression. On the same day, June 10, 2014, Israel woke up to a 

political disaster after its ongoing attack* on Gaza became a dead 

end alley, too narrow for Netanyahu to turn around and escape.

Knock on Roof
Hebrew newspaper Yediot Ahronot published on June 10 the reaction of Hamas in Gaza to the "Knock on Roof" ("hakesh bagag") policy announced by the IDF. At the time this is written, there is no confirmation from other sources.
The newspaper reports that Knock on Roof is the IDF answer to repeated assassinations of children and innocents in Israeli bombings of private houses in the Gaza Strip by its forces. Now, the IDF bombs the house twice. First with a small, ineffective bomb that sends a message to evacuate the building and shortly afterwards it delivers a large one, which destroys the structure.
Lucy Aharish
Lucy Aharish
For Israeli Racism see Kahane's They Must Go
"We call citizens not to cooperate with these messages and not to leave their homes," was Hamas announcement.
Additional reports claim that denizens in Gaza are receiving phone calls from the IDF warning of imminent attacks, in a PSYWAR attempt to create panic and mayhem.
Free numbers are being advertised by the IDF, for the people of Gaza to contact it "in the case of need." In other words, Israel is attempting to recruit informants in Gaza after its previous networks were heavily damaged in the years since Hamas was elected to lead the people.
Hamas is asking the people to be heroes, defending their homes with their lives against the Israeli attack. This is the only approach that offers some future to that society. Showing Israeli brutality to the world, the crumbling structures, the killed people, the blood washing the street may force Israel to stop. Otherwise, Israel will turn the entire Strip of Gaza into a giant flat beach with almost two million assassinated people floating in front of it.
During a war, harsh decisions must be taken. During a brutal attack of Goliath on the meek, impossible decisions must be taken. Trapped between an Israeli attack and the Mediterranean Sea, Hamas opted for an option minimizing the Israeli slaughter of the local population.
"Defend your homes with your bodies so that your neighbors may be saved," may sound difficult, but it is a strategy that will save lives. The video at the bottom of the article shows the horror of a typical Israeli attack.
Lieutenant General Gantz, Commander of the IDF, your approach is ridiculous. Do you want to save lives? Instead of announcing bombing stop them. If not, you must understand that you cannot deny the right of self-defense or manipulate its means. You declared war, now accept the consequences.
Israeli attack on Gaza, by Latuff, 2008

Knock the Knock on the Roof
A counterattack is carried by Hamas against Israel. It is less effective in material damages, but Israelis are having their morale destroyed. Their list of targets hit by Hamas is shaking Israel's foundations.
On July 9, Hamas achieved its distance record, with two missiles hitting open spaces in Caesarea, where Netanyahu and Russian oligarchs have palaces. The Port of Haifa is nearby.
Today, July 10, Hebrew press is full with pictures from Tel Aviv. Missiles hit the southern neighborhoods of the city, but this is of little interest for the mainstream media, poor people and African refugees live there.
More interesting was a direct hit on a gas station placed in Florentin, a neighborhood in downtown Tel Aviv. In the late morning, bored cinema students, heirs to Zionist fortunes, hang out in Florentin. Oolong teas especially exported from India on Israeli killer drones are served there in teahouses where customers pay by the minute. "The Third Ear," a shop specializing in rare media, eagerly serves the rich boys.
Hamas chose well its targets; it will difficult from now to claim their shootings are random.
Below are two banners picked today from Yediot Ahronot. One heads the news related to the current operation and shows a Jewish woman and two children taking cover at the side of a road, it is titled "Israel under fire." Ayalon Highway was hit today, similar pictures were published, a hit on the road caused an accident.
The second belongs to the IDF Home Front section, which centralizes all announcements by the army to the people. The banner shows the range of rockets fired from Gaza.
Most editorials do not trust neither PM Netanyahu nor the IDF to bring peace. Many consider this event as the end of a relative peaceful era, announcing a new Middle East were missiles and antimissiles lunch together daily.
Defeated Defeated
Top: "Israel Under Fire," Bottom: "Home Front Command Instructions"

Netanyahu Defeated
Protests against the 1982 Lebanon War took place only about three months after it started, when people understood that they had been misled by the unholy trio, Begin, Sharon and Eytan.
On September 25, 1982, the Kings of Israel Square in Tel Aviv (now Rabin Square) was the scenario of the largest protest in the country until then. People demanded an investigation committee on the Sabra and Shatila Massacre. As a result Ariel Sharon was banned from being Minister of Defense.
Lucy Aharish and Bentzion Gopstein
September 25, 1982, the Kings of Israel Square in Tel Aviv. Protests against the Sabra and Shatila Massacre
For Israeli Racism see Kahane's They Must Go
In 2014, protests start online. Criticism on the Prime Minister on the first days of a military operation would have been considered treason in the past; now it is the norm. The criticism against Operation Strong Cliff (also Protective Edge, see footnote+) is already hitting Netanyahu for his limited perspective.
The same problems were found by the State Comptroller due to the Freedom Flotilla. On June 13, 2012, Israel State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss published his report on the Israeli government's behavior in the events related to Gaza's Freedom Flotilla of May 2010. He said "The decision making process regarding the dealings with the Turkish flotilla led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and under his responsibility was found to include essential and significant flaws."
In the current event, Netanyahu entered a dead-end alley. The government decision does not include any diplomatic option for ending the attack. This is an administrative issue, it can be fixed easily. The point is that such an end was not mentioned because it does not exist.
In order to achieve a cease-fire with Hamas, Netanyahu need a broker. USA and Europe cannot help. Egypt will not help, the general (sorry, he became field marshal by his request before democratically and graciously taking power) running Egypt thanks God for every Israeli attack on Hamas. The latter support the Muslim Brotherhood, the legitimately elected Egyptian government deposed by the American-Israeli supported generals and field marshals.
The delay imposed by Netanyahu in the normalization of the links with Turkey means that the latter is unlikely to help. The dilemma that Netanyahu faces is that four senior Israeli generals are being tried in absentia by Turkey due to their crimes during the Freedom Flotilla event.
Israel bans UN Middle East Envoy Robert Serry, because he is considered hostile by Foreign Minister Lieberman.
Qatar renounced its unofficial links with Israel after Hamas Political Bureau Chief Khaled Meshal settled there.
"We have antimissiles, I don't care about Qatar, the UN and all those anti-Semites," was Netanyahu's childish evaluation of the power held by his fiefdom. Now, he trapped himself. Knock, knock, family Netanyahu, anybody home?

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