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From Gaza with Pain (and dignity)

From Gaza with Pain (and dignity)
It is hard not to cry watching the unfolding horror show in Gaza, children with heads blown off, pregnant woman with body torn by a shell, babies with missing limbs, targeting of playing children, targeting hospitals, targeting ambulances, and even a handicap center killing two handicap children. Israeli forces then ratcheted up their attacks committing large scale massacres in places like Shujaia and Beit Hanoun. 80% of the victims are elderly, women and Children (over 110 children so far). Though mainstream western media self-sensors to comply with the Zionist lobby, the truth is coming out and the videos and pictures are horrific. Our friends in Gaza issue desperate calls to us. Israel cannot absolve itself by saying we asked people to evacuate (100,000 are homeless already). Forcing people out of their homes is a crime against humanity let alone bombing those who remain. Read more here including a message from a Norwegian doctor in Gaza...

Gaza needs more than condemnation
"The best way to honor those killed, injured and made homeless in Gaza is to raise your voices even louder and demand that governments impose sanctions against Israel. Now is the time to increase the number of universities and businesses that boycott Israel. Now is the time to demand divestment from more pension funds. Now is the time for more countries to cut all ties with Israel." says Haidar Eid
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HUNDREDS OF INTERNATIONAL ACADEMICS RESPOND TO CALL BY ACADEMICS IN GAZA. In just 24 hours more than 500 international academics signed on, with hundreds being added by the hour. By morning the number will probably reach 1,000. Some two dozen Israeli academics responded to the call and signed on to a statement. Below is the original call and the list of Israeli academics who signed their own statement. You can see the list of the initial 500 signers of the Call at:
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Let us all go out to the streets in front of all the remaining symbols of Zionist power (embassies, consulates, media, corporations, western politicians etc)

Mazin Qumsiyeh
In Bethlehem. occupied Palestine 

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