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For Whom do the Bells Toll in Gaza?

Please, help me to understand how the Muslims around the world and the Middle Eastern Arabs can sit along side of Egypt and watch the Israeli carnage of the Palestinian people?

by Bishop Donald R. Corder 

I asked of someone I highly respected, “Please, help me to understand how the Muslims around the world and the Middle Eastern Arabs can sit along side of Egypt and watch the Israeli carnage of the Palestinian people? I beg you enlighten me Inasmuch as my not knowing gives cause for my breaking heart.” There was no response from my colleague. Then my eyes turned to gaze upon the article ‘Where was God in the Warsaw Ghetto? Or in Gaza?’ written by Marc H. Ellis and published in Mondoweiss The War of Ideas in the Middle East.
Mechanisms of power are primarily held in the grip of the Euro-based society and safeguarded by its American bulldog. This power dynamic has been historically maintained throughout our societies who are people of color via seeking affirmation and acceptance by said ruling class. Ensnared by our collaborations based upon the love of money and the root of its evil, we revile those who do not embrace the illusion. Impotence is subsequently coupled with being absent the vision to craft our own agendas and pursue its actualizations by any means necessary. Such is the platform and environment from which Palestinian genocide is orchestrated.
Assertions of Mr. Ellis is his article regarding the god myth is understood by this writer to be based upon the carnal mind of humanistic constructs and interpretations of life based upon the seeing of ones eyes. Rather, than through the eyes of spirit and understanding of spiritual things. Hence, I will not enter into a fray on the finery of the rebuttals he invites but merely assert, “I disagree with his statement: When it comes to God, it’s more or less the same story. While Jews, Christians and Muslims believe in a God who intervenes in history, the better part of our belief is that once upon a time God did so – and decisively. And Marc concludes that God’s interventions are but a memory.
When touching upon the question of God it begs address of how can we find out the reality of a God if he does not make himself known? Or, he does reach out to us and we subsequently harden our hearts sufficiently to become too jaded to receive his touch. Or, our eyes embrace blindness and we are turned over unto our own lust and visions of self-importance. Or our ears are filled with fat and we cannot hear the call of wisdom crying out in the concourse, “How long will you remain simple!” It is from an understanding of these spiritual places that we assert a contrary testimony to charges of God having forsaken Gaza. Although, Warsaw was a consequence of the Jews having murdered their Messiah and crying out that his blood be upon their own heads and that of their children.
On March 9, 2014 I published what I have called my Israeli Prophecy. And beginning from that day until this very hour the power of this prophecy has been made continuously manifesting itself in the affairs of Israel, Palestine and the global community. It reads as follows.
That the power and presence of the Lord is going to multiply in its disruption of the affairs of the Jewish Nation of Israel; throughout the entirety of this year. And the Middle Eastern tensions are going to paralyze Israel with fear because they will see that it is God who wages war against them. Alliances with the sons of Ishmael are going to fail as the grace of favor is removed and the face of Zionism is unveiled in the fullness of its treachery. There will be movement of the Palestinian people throughout Israel in a manner that they have never enjoyed since the Zionist intrusion of 1947. Such change being orchestrated by God and accomplished primarily due to the global political pressures. But, most specifically from contentions stemming from the Israeli break with the White House. Those who once sought to do you good will be empowered and find ways in which to inflict wounds upon the Zionist government of Israel. Such, be the voice and word of the Lord.
Embattled by the media noise denouncing the helpless people of Palestine, the bombardments of a technically superior Israeli war machine broadcasting continually and the deaths of so many innocents, I cried. Living life in the prophetic realms cannot allow one to casually spew out false prophecy and be able to sleep at night or have any peace at all throughout the day. So, I put the matter of the current Palestinian plight to God and he told me in no uncertain terms. That when Israel says peace and safety then will come their sudden destruction.
I took consolation in that word but also in what I had seen come to pass of the prophecy since the day it was published. There indeed has been a gathering of the people across the world who has cried out against the Palestinian genocide. President Obama has stemmed in the most quiet of fashions, his support of Israel as evidenced in his failing to honor George Bush’s agreement to supply them with chemical and cluster armaments. In addition, the US has withdrawn its support of the “Iron Dome” or “Iron Yamuka” air defense system. The heart of that air defense platform is America’s AEGIS radar and the powerful missiles on the ships usually offshore, protecting Israel. Behind the presidential smile and all of the bitter political disappointments springing out of an Obama administration; their yet lies the soulish memory of a black man. A man, who has been publicly humiliated and politically besieged by the Netanyahu regime and his AIPAC henchmen.
There is going to be a wounding of the Zionist power structure and such will be the mechanism giving evidence of God’s covenant with the Palestinian church and his love for the Nation of Palestine. Standing in the gap for those who suffer under the Israeli oppressors, are we who stand in the gap to wage continuous warfares of intercessions and engagements against the powers of darkness in realms of the unseen; or not if you prefer. But, I have been persuaded that every drop of Palestinian blood cries out as a testimony even against nations. Whose martyr’s cry charges them before Him that is eternal, for the depravity of this murderous enterprise; carried out by those who justify themselves in their own sight. These shall also receive their reward.
Where was God
Yet, it is the voice of fulfilled prophecy that attests to God being within our midst. It is our having received answers to prayer that encourages our faithful continuance in the Palestinian ministry. It is the operation of spiritual gifts, visions and works of the miraculous that affirms the Lord’s being with us in the way we take. So, with a confidence born of the Spirit we proclaim these final words.
Thus concludes our online Palestinian ministry,

For Whom do the Bells Toll in Gaza?Bishop Donald R. Corder is the spiritual leader of the Spirit of Life International Believers Fellowship and Senior Pastor for the Pillar of Truth Ministries. Mr. Corder is a published author, grassroots organizer and community activist, in addition to his work in urban and international development as a business consultant and entrepreneur.  Email: DonCorder@gmail.com

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