Sunday, July 20

Everyone is saying Israel is committing war crimes now when is Israel going to be held to account

Abdu: Israel commits war crimes in Gaza

GAZA, (PIC)-- Head of the Euro-mid Observer for Human Rights Rami Abdu charged that Israel has deliberately targeted Palestinian civilians, and warned of acute shortage of basic medicines and medical supplies in Gaza.
In an exclusive interview with the PIC, Rami Abdu affirmed that Israeli occupation has committed war crimes and used internationally-banned weapons against civilians in Gaza.
He said that his center is working on documenting testimonies on Israeli violations and crimes, warning of unprecedented humanitarian and health crisis in Gaza.
“Foreign doctors confirmed to us that Israeli warplanes fired internationally-banned bombs mainly DIME bombs and many other mysterious and controversial weapons,” he said. “We called on international experts and doctors to expose and document Israeli crimes committed in Gaza,” he added.
The bombing was directly and deliberately targeting civilian communities and unarmed people without prior-warning, he said. The use of missiles, he continued, while warning people proves the Israeli intention to kill civilians.
He pointed out that the fact-finding committee on the Goldstone Commission during 2008/2009 aggression recommended adopting new effective prior-warning means, saying that warning people only one or two minutes before the bombing does not justify targeting civilian homes.
There is a real health disaster in the besieged Strip that has been deepened during the Israeli ongoing aggression. No health delegation has reached Gaza so far, he added.
Dozens of critical cases need to receive treatment abroad in light of the acute shortage of medicines and medical supplies with the continued closing of Gaza border crossings, Abdu said. “I’m afraid that the health sector cannot keep up with the suffering of the people during the next few hours”.
“We had received two days ago a batch of medicines that unfortunately does not live up to the needs of people during wartime,” he underlined.
Abdu condemned the passive role of the Red Cross and humanitarian institutions in Gaza, and stressed the need to hold them accountable for not bearing their responsibilities towards the people of Gaza during the aggression.

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