Friday, July 18

DCI: 45 Gaza children killed in ongoing Israeli offensive

GAZA, (PIC)-- 45 children were killed in the ongoing Israeli military offensive on Gaza for the past ten days, Defense for Children International-Palestine reported (DCI) Thursday.
DCI Chairman Rafaat Qisis said: "Such Israeli genocides against Gaza children manifest of an unparalleled disrespect to the very foundations of international laws."
"The Israeli occupation forces should stop their attacks on civilians," he demanded.
The international humanitarian law prohibits any such random aggressions and rules for a necessary differentiation between civilian and armed targets in any potential aggression."
The ongoing Israeli, offensive on Gaza took away the lives of 230 civilians so far while some 1685 have been left severely wounded.
DCI has called on the international community to press ahead with serious actions so as to urge the Israeli occupation to cease fire and bring its aggressions on Gaza children to a halt.
The organization slammed the world's silence over the tragedy of Gaza innocent children and civilians, whose names, ages and murder-dates featured in a documentary account survey conducted by the DCI.

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